Montana Girls High School Soccer Summer Jamboree 2017 in Bozeman, MT

Tentative cost:  approximately: $440/$25 per player The cost is based on an 18 person roster. If you think you are going to have more players, please let me know. You will be charged more money because insurance is priced per player and t-shirt costs will be more.
Tentative Format: 7 West teams will play 7 East teams for five or six - 40 minute games (2 20 min. halves with a 5 min. half)
This means approx. 3 games on Friday and 3 games on Saturday - This is a decent amount of soccer so you may want to make sure you have a full roster.
Referees: We should have either a 3 referee system or a dual system for all games - hopefully, if you have referees I will let you know who to contact when it gets closer.
Dates: Friday, July 28th - 2PM - 9PM and Saturday July 29th - 8AM - 3PM
Location: Bozeman High School fields - we will have 3 fields available

Jamboree Philosophy

The jamboree was created with the following philosophy at its core:

  1. Teams to be able to relax and enjoy the game of soccer
  2. Players have the “you pay, you play” expectation.
  3. COACHES, PLAYERS, and PARENTS understand there is no label, title, gold medal, or trophy at the end of this. 
  4. Coaches get to visit in a non-game environment

By participating in this tournament each team agrees to the following:

1.    Pay a team fee that will cover field expenses, officials, a t-shirt to wear for the games (18 players and 2 coaches) West side will be Dark colors this year and East side will be white, insurance, fields, portable toilets, referees, and hopefully an athletic trainer.

2.    Each team provides at least one official if at all possible. Please let us know if you have an official that is willing to help out and I will connect them with our referee coordinator. (This is a great way for officials in-training to get experience!).

3.    Complete understanding that officials will be paid very little and are doing us a favor by helping out.

We were successful last year because all coaches involved set the example for their players and parents. Let's keep up this fun tradition of summer soccer.


©Bozeman Lady Hawk Soccer 2017