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Over my 20 years of coaching soccer in Bozeman, I have seen a lot of success, but I have also seen a lot of disappointment. Many times the disappointments are not about losing games, but not reaching our full potential. Our soccer program is looking to turn that around and build a program that embraces success and builds confidence. We coach a group of individuals to build a great TEAM. This is a TEAM game and it is built on the success of bringing together a group of individuals. 
The Problem
One of the biggest problems in high school soccer that we see is diminished confidence in players and players that feel unappreciated. They can’t find their role on the team and they feel like not everybody is supportive of them. The second this happens to one of our players, our TEAM is diminished!
Hawks Care Program
A program that we are started in 2014, that strives to help all players feel like they have a voice and a place in the program.
1. Recognition Program that recognizes players for outstanding things that they do. Designed to recognize and reward players for PRIDE (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, as well as, defensive and offensive excellence (breakaway stops, blocked shots, shutouts, goals, assists, etc.)
2. Leadership Council – designed to give players from all classes and each team a voice in the program as a whole. This council is made up of players from each class. They meet each week during the season to discuss issues and to head off problems and discuss ways to make our program better.
Goals of the Hawks Care Program:
1. To create an environment where every player feels confident and supported by teammates, coaches, parents, and supporters. Example: All parents and supporters stand and applaud when a player comes off of the field.
2. Create a culture of "positive talk" or NO TALK. Example: On the way home from tryouts a player expresses frustration with the day. The player's mom starts to say something bad about a teammate. The player says, "Mom we have a rule that we won't talk badly about our teammates.”
What can coaches do?
1. Get to know players on and off the field
2. Reward effort not just results
3. Use encouragement and positive reinforcement as the primary method of motivation.
4. Communicate with players and let them know what their role is and how they help the team.
5. Encourage players to set effort goals tied to how hard they try
6. Encourage players to be good teammates.
7. Build a TEAM atmosphere where everybody is welcomed and feels like they matter.

What can players do?
1. Support your teammates.
2. Do NOT talk badly about your teammates.
3. Do NOT talk badly about your TEAM.
4. Stand up for your teammates. (“Please don’t talk about my teammate like that.”)
5. Respect your teammates and coaches.
6. Praise your teammates for success and pick them up in times of failure.
7. Communicate at the appropriate time with your coaches when you are unsure of your role.
8. Give your best effort and respect yourself for giving that effort
9. Do NOT fault teammates for working hard or having success - Respect your teammates for pushing you to be your best and for making our TEAM better
What can Parents do?
1. Support your daughter
2. Listen to your daughter
3. Praise your daughter for her effort
4. Ask your daughter to communicate directly with coaches or teammates at the appropriate time if they have a problem.
5. Enjoy the success of your daughter and her TEAM.
6. Console your daughter when they or the TEAM is not successful.
7. Only worry about things that you can control.
8. Do NOT compare your daughter with other players.
9. Do NOT criticize or critique your daughter’s performances.
10. Do NOT talk badly about your daughter.
11. Do NOT talk badly about your daughter’s teammates.
How to be a supportive parent during tryouts:
Tryouts is a process of evaluation and can be very stressful to players, parents and coaches. We know you are putting your trust in the coaching staff to make the best decisions. Ultimately, you as parents don’t make the decisions, so it isn’t your job to worry about those decisions.
1. Respect the process of tryouts
2. Recognize the stress and exhaustion that your daughter is going through
3. Remind your daughter, “All you can do is your best”.
4. Don’t talk about who made which team.
5. Don’t talk badly about another player.
6. "Positive talk" or NO TALK
Please join us in this effort to create an environment where our players and team can reach their full potential.
We ask every parent to make a pledge to support this effort.

Thank you,
Erika Cannon
Bozeman Hawk Soccer

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